Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Art Camp was a HOOT!!

I have been gearing up for some afternoon art camps. I try to mix it up - some weeks we paint on canvas, some weeks we put together folk art and use wood and other found materials. This week we painted - and you know the saying, "Go big or go home!!??" Well, we didn't go home! We painted on 16 x 20 inch canvasses from Dick Blick!! And you should have seen their faces when I pulled out those huge canvasses!! Sometimes we forget to let the kiddos "go big!"
A little hard to see but we used a pencil to outline our basic shapes. I had some very basic shapes cut from old manilla folders to use as guides- they were very large and basic. All the detail and personality came from the little artists. It's a little hard to see but they did a great job adding personal touches right at the start.
The next step was to paint our pencil outline with a 1/4 inch flat brush in black acrylic.
( I use Blickcrylic that comes in large economy bottles that you can add pumps to. I use it because it is economical, has  nice coverage and comes in basic and a few specialty colors - not because I get paid by DB to endorse- I wish!!)
Then we used nice warm colors to paint our owls and moons. Some were full moons and some were cresent moons and some were blue moons - all up to the artist.
We painted our branches.
And then we painted our backgrounds in nice cool blues and purples - complimentary colors to our warm yellow and orange owls!
 And there you have it - amazing artwork. And did I mention that these artists ranged in age from  age 4 to 4th grade. Now you are really impressed. I am. Their parents were, too :)

** Disclaimer. Just in case you think I only paint owls and candy corn, don't give up on me. I also like candy canes - a lot. So hang in there - we'll be going from candy corn to candy canes soon enough!

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