Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

...glows in the dark. Oh, yes he does!!

 Mr. Spider is a popular project! Glowing in the dark is a definite bonus.
He is made from a circle of chipboard painted black. A dessert size paper plate or a circle cut from a recycled cereal box would work as well. I punched 4 holes on each side and used half a black pipecleaner for each leg. Then we slide on a few glow in the dark beads. I buy mine at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. The fun foam stars on his back are glow in the dark and I found those at Wal Mart. I'm sure they are at the other craft stores as well. The eyes are milk jug caps (from my previously mentionned giant tub of lids and caps) and google eyes. Cute enough. But wait...

He dangles from a paint stick. We used glow in the dark lanyard cording to tie him to our black paint stick. We tied on some ribbon, fabric sraps and glow in the dark cording and he is now a puppet on a stick :)

So here he is hanging around my office but he's a lot more fun when you turn out the lights and everyone walks their spider puppet around and sings " The Itsy Bitsy Spider" while he glows!!!

Besides being cute, glowing and Halloween-y, he can be part of a lesson on spiders, the number 8, and 1/2 ( we cut the 4 pipecleaners in half to make 8 legs...), why things glow in the dark, etc.


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