Monday, October 3, 2011

More corn...

I know... more Candy Corn. It is an obsession but such a fun classroom and art opportunity. A 97 cent bag of Candy Corn is worth it's weight in gold - you can put it in jars and estimate how many are in each jar ( winner takes home CC saving you the calorie intake), you can play bingo and use the Candy Corn for markers, you can do a lesson on thirds, you can do a lesson on color mixing in baggies or you can take two minutes - literally - and create a Candy Corn stamping center.
Here are the raw materials: a clear plastic lid off a box of notecards, a triangular make up sponge and hot or waterproof glue, and (optional) wooden beads.

I cut the sponge into thirds and the box top in to 1 1/2 inch squares.
Simple as that.

Then I hot glued ( because I didn't want to wait for waterproof glue to dry because I wanted to use them NOW!) the foam piece to the clear plastic square. Then to make it easier for little fingers to hold I added a small wooden bead that I had hanging around to the top. A spool or small square of wood could work as well. I did a set without the bead and they work fine, too.
Then just squeeze out some yellow, orange and white paint and let your little stampers go to town. They can look at the jar of real candy corn for inspiration but the great part of this project is that it doesn't matter if they get the section they are stamping turned the "wrong" way or not. It still looks like candy corn!
This is fun because they can choose different colors of paper to try stamping on - what happens on white?? It doesn't cost a thing to do this center - everything is stuff you have on hand and they will spend a lot of time stamping away! It's very freeing and fun but they are also thinking, thinking... what stamp/color next?, how many parts to each candy corn?, concentrating on lining them up ( a little co-ordination work) and more.
See,  I told you -Candy Corn is a great thing!!

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