Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas!!

Tonight at church the kiddos watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special - sweet message by Linus at the end- and then we made Charlie Brown Christmas trees. This is such an easy project and it costs next to nothing if you are looking for a project for a lot of children this Christmas season. I did this with College Girl's classmates when they were in
 elementary school. This project goes way back with us :)

You need some type of clay or playdough to hold the tree upright. I used this because it was leftover from another project. Use whatever is cheapest- it doesn't show. It's just a way to hold the tree in place. The tree is a scraggly clipping from the Christmas tree lot. They will give these to you.

You simply put a blob of clay in the center of a small paper plate ( this one is a dessert size for reference) or a square of cardboard and stick the clipping in. I bought the small red plastic ornaments and wire ornament hangers at Wal Mart but Dollar Tree had some as well. The ornaments  were actually 10 cents each ( 30 for $2.97) and a small square of blue fabric to represent Linus' blanket. I didn't have a single scrap of blue fabric anywhere to be found so I had to buy some. Since I hadn't spent anything for this project I splurged on blue flannel just like the blanket :) but any light blue cotton would look like the blanket.

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