Monday, November 21, 2011

Fifteen Minute Nativity!!

That's what my friend K asked for and she needs it now!! We do this every year with the 4's and 5's and it has become a tradition. Moms tell me they have each child's little Nativity lined up on the mantel. This is simple, quick and inexpensive. They are so cute when little fingers make them and I'll try to remember to post pictures of their work after we do them the first week in December but... my friend needed the info now!

I use Crayola Model Magic in white - this stuff!! You also need small foam stars and a small chipboard box plus a couple of toothpicks and some snips of raffia. I buy my chipboard boxes at Hobby Lobby when they are 40 to 50 % off and they are usually 99 cents full price. This year we are lucky enough to have free, repurposed little boxes for all 70 children!! I'm sure there are some great recyclables you could use if you are doing just a few. One year I used Altoids boxes and spray painted them but I like the rustic look of the cardboard. You could also tear a little square of cardboard and glue the figures to it, punch a hole in the top and turn it into an ornament.
You simply pinch off a piece of Crayola Model Magic ( again, no kickback, no free product - it's just perfect for this project because it is so soft and sticks together so easily) and roll 3 small balls and 3 short fat snakes. Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus in the making.
I use a small, flat piece for Joseph's beard and Mary's head dress.
We push a small toothpick section into the head and body to hold them together. It slides right in and doesn't need to be but about a 1/2 inch long. Then you simply push Joseph and Mary together gently. Then place Baby Jesus across the Holy parents. That's it!! They stick together.
 ( if you have time you can make a small gold wire halo for Baby Jesus .) I use the end of a toothpick to give them eyes and a mouth - simple, sweet faces.

Put a small circle of glue in the bottom of your box and sprinkle with raffia. Add the
Holy Family.

Put the star inside the lid.

The last step is placing a sticker on the lid of the box with the Bible verse from Luke on it.
And you have a sweet little Nativity in no time at all.  It's easy for the children because even the little ones are used to rolling clay or playdough, it sticks together so easily, it's very few steps and all children love things in little boxes. We wanted a Nativity that the children could really do themselves!

I have several more Nativity ideas that I will post soon!!

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  1. So sweet. As the children get older I would add a hang ribbon to it and hang it on the tree as an ornament with a memory and history to it.
    Thanks for linking this up to Motivated Monday at beColorful