Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Run, Run Rudolph!!!

It doesn't get any cuter than this...  This was our last Afterschool Art Camp of the year and we had so much fun. We sang Christmas songs - with gusto, I might add - and created these great holiday artworks. These are keepers for years to come!!
So much personality in such a simple project. I had some 8x10 Dick Blick canvasses left from an earlier camp. They already had two holes punched in the top. I added 4 to the bottom edge with my Crop-a-Dile. Don't have one yet?? Seriously, I love that thing. I use it constantly. Get one and you'll be looking for things to punch holes in.

We painted the bottom half brown and the top half is a deep "turquoisey" blue.  Rudolph's head is a small oval plaque from Hobby Lobby. The 99 cent size purchased at half price. The legs are jumbo craft sticks painted brown. The antlers are repurposed puzzle pieces painted black. We used red bottle caps or pom poms for the nose and wiggley eyes.

We added a sparkly red or silver pipe cleaner for the hanger and a strip of torn red and white striped fabric for the scarf. We painted dots of white for snow. ( We are in the deep South. When I explained that we were painting the white dots on the deep blue sky to look like a snowy sky behind Rudolph one child said, "Oh now I get it. I wondered about the polka dots. I never thought of it snowing on Rudolph!!"  It can be very warm on Christmas Day here. Last year Atlanta had a shockingly white Christmas. We were in Hawaii in shorts and bathing suits but friends sent us pictures via their phones. I'll take HI and the 70's in December anyday!! )

A couple of tan spots on his back made with the previously mentionned Spouncers and he is almost ready to run!! The fun part?? We attached the legs to the canvas with silver index card or notebook rings from the office supply. It makes him wiggly and super cute!
Seriously, how could you not be in the Christmas Spirit when this guy is hanging around?? They just make me smile!

**For a very low budget, practically free version of this use an 8x10 scrap of cardboard or matboard instead of the canvas, a plastic lid, like a peanut can, or a circle of cardboard for the head, tie the legs on with yarn or pipe cleaners. The bottle caps are free if you choose that for the nose or pom poms are so inexpensive. Everyone has a puzzle with a missing piece or the Dollar Tree always has puzzles. It would still be super cute- just a little more prep.

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  1. Definitely big on fun and personality. A darling project. Thanks for sharing it with Becolorful's Motivated Monday.