Monday, May 14, 2012

May is the NEW December...

If you have children then you understand this... I have been saying this for years. I used to think that December was a crazy month but it has nothing on May!! May is NUTS!!!
I'm still around but I have been in survival mode so here is a bit of randomness....

First, the college grads!! This is a name sign for a special friend who just got her teaching degree and certificate. This is for her first classroom and I know she'll find that perfect job very soon. Whoever hires her will be very lucky!! ( Sorry for the not-so-great picture. It came off her FB page as I forgot to snap any before I wrapped it.)What can I say?? It's May and May is NUTS!!!! I'll try to remember to share the High School grad gifts as soon as I finish those. It involves money because, believe me, that's what they need!!!

Next - a bajillion little churches for centerpieces at the  50th birthday celebration of our church. A little wood, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Done!

Burlap, of course. Spring-y things for front doors.

Fungus - haha! Mushrooms for the Mother- Daughter banquet at church. Again, pictures not so great but it's night. Apparently, fungus like cool and dark. Good thing because I ran out of daylight hours to get them painted. Bowls from the Dollar Tree, logs from our woodpile, and dots painted with spouncers. Pretty cute. It was a Woodland Fairy theme and these went home with someone. She asked if they could buy them she liked them so much. I gave them to her for her woodland garden so that her husband's gnomes have company. She was sooo happy - it's nice when a Dollar Tree bowl can make someones day :)

I did take time to stop and smell the flowers because the hydrangeas are in ATL this year. The bushes are loaded with blooms.

 And College Girl came home for a few days and we had a blast.!!! She needed to recharge and shop before Summer classes begin.

Yes, We are dog trainers extraordinaire!!!  This is how our dogs react when I call their
Whew!! See you soon - May is halfway finished. Hang in there!!

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  1. I so get what you are saying. Our book club of Moms never meets in May. Who would have time to read a book? :D You are one creative and busy lady for sure. Love love love those churches. You are so clever. Thanks for taking the time to share on Becolorful this week.