Thursday, November 15, 2012

...and Another One...

 ... is out the door on it's way to someone else's front door.



  1. Hi I had a question about your snowman baggie craft (from Jan 2012) I was just wondering how long the shaving cream lasts (weeks, months?) and how many cans do you think I would need for about 15 kids? Did you use about half a can for the example?
    Great craft! If you have any ideas on how to re-use Tassimo cups or Keurig cups into crafts I'm all ears my in laws have one of these and as they throw them out all I keep thinking is "what can I do with these???"

    1. Hi Loraleigh!
      It doesn't take too much shaving cream to do the Snowman in a Baggie - especially if the adult sprays it!! You don't want it too full or you can"t "squish" it around as much as you want. It probably will only take about 2 cans to do all 15. I always take more than I think I'll need cause it's so inexpensive - a dollar a can! It will last in the sealed baggie for weeks - you can run a pc. of clear packing tape over the zip part of the bag and if it doesn't get opened it will last quite a while.
      As for Keurig cups.... hmmm!! I'm on it! College Girl has one and I'll think about it. They are a great size for glue and paint if nothing else... or maybe upside down with bunny ears and pom pom tail.... I'm thinking! Thanks for the inspiration.

    2. Great! Thanks so much! Snowman in a Baggie will be on the docket for next weeks library craft!

  2. love this. Would love for you to link it up on the Holiday Highlights at BeColorful Front Doors and Foyers too. So cute. I always love your happy work.