Saturday, August 29, 2015

BIG Fun!

Those are verrrry big dice.
I was walking by a store called Five Below a couple of weeks ago 
and they had a bin of these out front.
I immediately thought "Giant Yahtzee!!"
Have you ever played Classic Yahtzee?

My family played it when I was growing up. 
We bought one years ago to play with Mollie to help her with multiplication and math skills.
 A fun way to work on Math when you are struggling. 
She didn't even realize we were doing Math!!
During the Summer we ran across it in a cabinet and Mollie and I played one night.
It's fun!!
It can be BIG fun!

I bought 5 of the giant dice. Die? Dice? You can look it up. I did. 

I also bought a square laundry basket at Five Below ( It's like a dollar store on steroids.)

I enlarged the score sheet from our box game 
because giant Yahtzee needs giant score sheets!!

Just shake the dice up in the basket, roll them out on the grass or on your family room floor - anywhere- they are foam. And let the games begin.

So far I have used it at a party on our porch and with the youth group at church and it's a BIG hit!!

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