Tuesday, February 16, 2016

from my iphone


What a beauty and they were practically giving it away.
 But I do not need it :(
I hope someone grabbed it up and gave it a happy home -
sometimes Craigslist is too much temptation for me!

It snowed again.
It didn't really amount to much. Again. 
We still had to go to work.

 It was super cold. Like 19 degrees. In Atlanta.
Some of us hibernated.

I put my flannel PJ pants on and snuggled up to read.
 Every couple of years I drag my Rosamunde Pilcher books off the shelf and re-read.
 My mom discovered her books years ago and got me hooked. 
I needed a little Brit Lit fix.
 Maybe it's all the Downton Abbey watching that's going on.
 I drank hot tea and read and read.
I may or may not have spoken to the dogs in a British accent.

Mollie and I went to the ballet.
Moulin Rouge. It was fabulous.

And I have serious Spring Fever.
 But there is hope. The groundhog said "early Spring."
I bought red tulips for the kitchen table. They are my dads favorite flower.

And that's about it for my iphone randomness. 
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  1. Love the bamboo armoire -- Great eye ! I constantly peruse CL even though our house is busting at the seams.

    1. Diane, So true. CL is an addiction even though I don't need most of the great finds. But I am always up for moving something out to make room for a great find!!