Tuesday, June 27, 2017

from my iphone 6/2017

I have been out of the country, on a couple of road trips and generally running around all over the place.
So a quick catch up via my phone pics seemed the easiest way to recap June
 before July is upon us... WHAAAAAT??        

First up, 
I went to Honduras for the 4th consecutive Summer.    
It's the best 8 days ever!!
I had a little Delta hiccup and came close to staying an extra day - OOPS!
But all is well - I came back with the team after all.    
We look like a hot mess in these pics cause... well, it was hot. Really hot this year.
 We got to deliver a wheelchair to this little girl Mollie met last year!

We hired an ice cream guy to bring ice cream to every child in the school - 130 ice cream cones. He rode his bike/ice cream cart miles and miles for this job. 
Most of the children had not tasted ice cream before. 

It was such a fun afternoon!

The kids love Mollie and bring her farewell gifts they have made :)

Last year they asked for a mural in the Kindergarten. 
This year we came ready to paint.

And this is what you get when you go shopping with the Young Adults in Honduras:

Mollie and I spent a night in Winston Salem. 
We had dinner right downtown at a great local hang out 
and felt completely comfortable at night in the city.
We are big fans of staying in the heart of a city and seeing what their downtown evening life is like. Why stay right off the interstate when you can really get to know a city?
We walked around Wake Forest and I, of course, took pictures of the gorgeous hydrangeas. 

What a gorgeous campus!

We also popped off I-85 to visit The RockHouse Antiques. 
Such a fabulous shop.
We wanted all the bamboo and blue and white.
Oh, and all the pillows at Wheaton and Whaley Designs!

Just a minute or two off the interstate. 
Pop in if you are passing through Greenville.
Actually, stay the night. Downtown Greenville is fabulous. 
We've stayed downtown and had dinner along the Reedy
 and enjoyed the park and trails there.
            And we have been out "finding" good stuff. 
More on that soon but in case you didn't see these on Instagram:


Look at this beauty:

And then look at the price on the Chairish ad.

I'll sell mine for $1100.00!! 

I'm obsessed with these:

More info soon on what's about to happen here:

And here comes July!!
The Summer is flying by!


  1. Oh that last set of chairs/table is swoony! I love seeing your Honduras photos. They are truly inspiring. Have a wonderful week!

    1. Swoony is the right word. I'm so excited to find them - I'm obsessed :) Honduras is our fave, I'm glad you enjoy the pics!!