Thursday, December 14, 2017

Favorite Holiday Images...

... from around the web and social media. 
sort of a Holiday version of my sporadic iphone dumps on here!

I love this cheerful, eclectic room all ready for Christmas. 
You can just tell that it's going to be fun!

I, and about a zillion other people, love this view of  
Maura Endres home decorated for the holidays. 

Below is part of the pile of Gift Cards that the kiddos in my youth group collected for
 the Toy Shoppe at our local homeless shelter. 
They chose places that kids their age would want!

Blue and white, candy cane striped candles, decadent white fur and colorful ornaments.
 I love this from Andrea at Opulent Cottage. 

These are some of my youth kiddos racing to find out exactly how many gifts were given during the 12 Days of Christmas. There was some serious math going on.
 I promise there was a Sunday School lesson buried in there!

This image was taken by my friend Handel. Click over to his instagram to see the photos he takes (last weeks snow in GA) and to read his story. He graduates from college this week. 
I met him as a young boy when I was on a mission trip to Haiti. He survived the earthquake, was sent to the states barely speaking any English holding a phone number to call an aunt who didn't know he was coming, ended up moving to GA to live with my friends who knew his parents from mission work, enters an American High School where my daughter is called to the office to give him his welcome tour (they did not know each other before this), picks up photography, plays the piano beautifully, graduates HS and goes to college at Dalton State.
 This week he is front page news in Dalton!!
Life is a crazy ride!

The next two images are from Amanda Louise
She had a POP UP Shop in Greenville SC and I wish I had been there. 
Everything looked amazing.

And I do not "do Winter" very well so this sweatshirt caught my eye. 
I am living in fuzzy socks and drinking hot tea like crazy. 
And I'm in the Deep South.
I'm a chicken/whiner/crybaby when it comes to the cold. 

I'm like a pinball machine when it comes to what catches my eye!
Please share your favorite holiday images!! 

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