Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Instead of Chunky Monkey it's Blocky Bunny !!?!

This guy is nothing more than a scrap block of wood - 2x4 to be exact- about 5 inches long or so. They were leftovers from a DIY project. 
I started out by hot gluing two of those little wooden "ice cream spoon" shapes on the bottom. Don't they look just like rabbit's feet? :)
Two more for arms and two more for ears. Already it looks like a bunny. 
The children painted it white.
A pink button nose, of course. I added some wire for the whiskers but they could be drawn on with Sharpies. Same with the eyes- buttons or little dots made with a marker. Cute either way. And a little white pom pom bunny tail- a must.
Someone gave me a box full of mini galvanized buckets - I love galvanized in any shape or size!! I decided we could have the bunny carry a bucket instead of a basket. We used Crayola Model Magic clay to form a carrot around a short piece of green pipe cleaner.After the carrots hardened we painted them orange and tied on scraps of fabric or netting.
This is one cute Easter guy and he cost pennies to make ( Therefore leaving more in the budget for Reese's Easter Eggs and other yummy Easter candy.)
I have a few unpainted bunnies leftover. I think I may paint the next one with polka dots.
So hop to it and make a blocky bunny!

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