Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Very Hungry Caterpillar is"slinking" around here...

This little guy is "slinking" around this Spring because I was cruising through Target the other day and Slinky Jr's were in the Dollar Spot!! Yeah!! I was thinking Spring and Slinky?? What can I do??? and the classic Springtime book came to mind!! I actually bought The Very Hungry Caterpillar in a used book store years before my daughter was born -
I was in college but I thought the illustrations were wonderful.
I love Eric Carle books but who doesn't? Classic.
So here he is a little stretched out. I couldn't figure out how to stretch him out and take a picture by myself :). No one is ever around when you are trying to deal with a Slinky! He is just peel and stick fun foam and a pipe cleaner- that's it. I cut 2 peel and stick circles for each place I wanted circles on the Slinky body. I used yellow and 2 shades of green. You just sandwich a loop of the slinky between the two circles and press together. This is a little tricky for little guys but you could make one for storytime or just make them one on one if you are in a classroom setting.
Look at that face! It's just some free form shapes cut out of peel and stick foam scraps. I used a purple pipe cleaner for the antennae and then used a sliver of red peel and stick foam to hold it on to the back of the head. ( The head is two red peel and stick circles that are slightly larger than the body circles.) This is a cute Spring creature to have "slinking" around!
It is finally warm and sunny here in Atlanta after a Winter like we are not used to!! And yes, painting the peely green outside table is on my to-do list!!
A few days ago I posted about my big flower made from found objects, a Frisbee and a Dollar Tree bucket. Here is the smaller version - something each child could make. These are simply lids glued one inside the other ( great big, medium, little lesson or 1,2,3 lesson here or sort the caps by color first...) The lid "flowers" were glued to a green paintstick ( I love those paintsticks - my Sherwin Williams "connection" gives them to me!! Love SW!!) The leaves and veins are cut from Fun Foam scraps. These could also be put in little clay pots that are painted - just secure with plaster of Paris or a blob of air dry clay. If you have the can opener that makes smooth cuts you could actually use recycled tin cans. Another "budget-friendly" place to plant these flowers would be a solo plastic cup - they are at Wal Mart in the greatest Spring colors right now - lime green would be perfect!


  1. I love this post! The caterpillar is adorable and the flowers too!!! Can't wait to try both of these projects!!!

  2. Mollie .. I am loving your blog! All of these projects will be perfect for me to do with my 4 year old daughter. Very creative.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment about my new master bedroom. Being new, it means so much to get comments!
    I am a new follower for your blog and I look forward to perusing through your old posts as well.

    xo Vikki

  3. Sara and Vicki, Wow!! Thanks for visiting! I love your blogs and am thrilled you dropped by mine :)