Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One more flower for Mom...

I needed one more  activity for a Mother's Day project.  It needed to be quick and from items I had on hand... and no prep time!! Easy enough... I had all of this stuff close at hand:
Paint samples that I punched into  1, 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inch scalloped and plain circles
green popsicle sticks - mine came that way or give them a quick coat of whatever green paint you have hanging around
Crayola Model Magic - love this stuff
scraps of green tissue paper
glue dots (for a quick project) or white glue
A bag of Rolos candy - I did run out and buy those!! Yum and the perfect color foil wrapper :)
and some of those little galvanized buckets I've talked about before...
We put it all together and we have one cute flower for Mom.
We chose 2 of the punched circles - any color, scalloped or plain- their choice- and glued them together.  We glued this to a popsicle stick. We cut some green circles in half to make "leaves" and glued those on the popsicle stick stem. Then the best part ( I have found that including an edible component in a project really helps everyone focus!) is the Rolo.  A glue dot on the back holds the candy "center" on the flower. We put a glob of air dry clay in the bucket ( you could use a small clay pot if you can't find the little buckets) and pushed the popsicle stick stem down into it. We crumpled some green tissue paper scraps and pushed them around the stem to cover up the white clay. Easter grass would be cute too but I am quite frankly over Easter grass at this point!!
Cute. Quick. Everyone loved choosing their paint sample favorites. Mom will love it. And there were Rolos leftover for everyone to have one.
Happy Mother's Day!

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