Monday, May 2, 2011

Guaranteed to BLOOM by Mother's Day!!!

Yikes! With Easter falling so late Mother's Day has really crept up on us!! Both of these projects are cute and quick !! And sure to please mom!
The first project is these cute cards made from cardstock, paint chips and left over peel and stick fun foam Valentine's hearts. We made these as cards but if you wanted a more substantial gift the same process could be applied to one of the Dick Blick classroom canvasses I am so fond of ( No, I do not get so much as a thank you from Dick Blick and certainly not a dime - I wish :) - but their product is sooo great and sooo affordable. ) We used black cardstock ( or paint the canvas black - it makes the colors on the paint chips POP!!) then we chose a smaller rectangle of yellow or turquoise paper so the black created a bit of a "frame." Just use compatible colors - this is a "use whatcha got" project but still super cute! I punched circles from the paint chips and cut strips from green paint chips for stems. I put the circles, stems and hearts out on the table and everyone got creative.( The card on the left has petals made from cutting the hearts in half- love it!) They turned out great!!
Next project...
From a few simple supplies you get this...

 A little flower stake for the garden.
So that this will hold up in the yard I use Liquid Nails to glue the clay saucer ( about 5 inches in diameter and about a $1.00) to a wooden stake
( which come in bundles of 12 and cost about 30 cents each. I buy mine at Home Depot and they are for staking out silt fencing - just ask, they'll know what they are. Or have someone cut a 1x2 into stakes.) That dries overnight. Then we use the little tear-dropped sponges in the first picture to sponge white exterior housepaint onto the saucer. I let each child determine the number of petals. Next we used a q-tip to dot yellow paint in the center. Some put 1 dot and others put lots of dots!! We then used a little green paint to decorate the stems. We put stripes or dots or both on them. The leaf is a scrap of green fun foam that we painted veins on and then I used a staple gun to attach the leaf.
We had a bumper crop of blooms this year. Sixty eight, yes 68, 4 year olds are taking home beautiful blooms for their moms!!

Miss Patty stopped by my office today to say that every year she watches the "4's" make these and next time she wants to come make one, too. ( She teaches "2's") Well, she has a surprise coming because I made one step-by-step with the classes and so she gets the extra flower stake in my office!!!  SHHH!! Don't tell her..
Happy Mother's day to Miss Patty!! She has 4 adorable little redheads and she "mothers" her little "two's" all week- she deserves a flower or two, wouldn't you say??

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!

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