Sunday, September 4, 2011

Am I going BATTY??

Is it too early to think about Halloween??
 Am I just BATTY posting a Halloween project already??
But I love Halloween projects - the colors are just so much fun.
And I'm gearing up for Fall classes for the children so I'm thinking about bats and such...

This little guy is made from an International Coffee can, French Vanilla Cafe to be exact. I cannot start the day without a mug of this stuff. The cans have been changed to plastic recently and I'm not sure how that is going to translate to some of my old standby projects but I have one to "test" and we'll see how it goes. I have done this project for years so this is a metal can from my stash. I spray painted it black but it could be wrapped with black contact paper or chalkboard contact paper if you don't want to prep them with spray paint. The wings are a strip of black craft foam cut into a wing shape and glued on. The little stars are stickers ( or you could paint polka dots on the wings)and the eyes are made from bottle caps and buttons (I've used google eyes before, too.) The mouth is a white paint marker line and the fangs are white craft foam shapes. That's it - easy.
 You could use this in the classroom with facts about bats on little strips of paper that you keep in the can or you could put letters in it for your "at" family words or you can do what we often do. We make a snack mix, fill a baggie with some of the mix, tie with a cute ribbon and then give it to someone we like :)
I have used my Crop-a-dile to punch holes on the sides of the can before and put a hanger on the bat. You could use ribbon, pipe cleaners or a wire. It's a cute little bat "basket" then.
You could glue pipe cleaner legs on to the bottom if you wished and they could always be hung upside down from the legs.
How cute would it be to hang a branch from the ceiling and then suspend all of the bats from the branch??
I'm not big on the real thing but cute, little bats made from coffee cans are a favorite of mine!

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