Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do You Remember?

Here is another component from the Camping/Woods theme that the ABC wood slice blocks are from. This is a simple matching game that cost pennies to make.
It could be duplicated for any theme.
I printed out the name and graphics on cardstock. I repurposed an old plastic zippered bag that I had gotten a tablecloth or sheet in.  A zip loc baggie would work  or any free container that you can label and see into! Just clear tape the name on the front.
Then I simply printed small round labels with animals that you would find in the woods on a camping trip. ( I printed a whole sheet of each because I share them with teachers at the training events I speak at but you only need two of each animal!) I printed a whole sheet of the backing label  that has the name of the game on it. This helps you to quickly sort the games if you make multiples. I put the stickers on to canning jar lids because I liked the red and white checked design for this game but you can use paper circles that you laminate or bottle caps as well.
Then you lay them out with the animal pairs face down and start trying to match them up from memory. This can be used alone or as a game. You can create as many pairs as you think is age appropriate. Younger children will only need a few pairs to search out while older children can use more. This is a fun way to create games for every unit!
Do you remember the game "Husker Du"? It was from a Scandinavian Country and I used to play it with a little boy whom I babysat for every Sunday night. It was a matching game just like this and we loved playing it! This is my homemade version of Husker Du!

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