Friday, September 23, 2011

I know I shouldn't but...

...I love Candy Corn. I must buy a bag of candy corn mixed with those
little pumpkins every Fall.
I love them with a cup of Earl Grey tea when it gets chilly.
And I love candy corn projects.
 I have several that I do with the children but this is always a favorite. It's so easy, you can vary the size and any age can do it. You simply have the children paint three clay pots orange, yellow and white respectively. Then stack them up ( you can do a lesson on thirds, big to little or in my case, at church, I do a Trinity lesson with candy corn. I'm telling you I will do anything to justify eating this stuff !) Add a little glue between the pots and we coat ours with a little sparkle glaze for extra fun. I call this the Halloween Food Pyramid and we try to talk about healthy eating this time of year, too!! A very versatile project and a yummy snack, too!

** you can use any size pots you wish but this one is made with very small pots- the whole thing is about 4 inches tall ( minus the flag!)

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