Thursday, September 22, 2011

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle...

( now everyone is humming "the lion sleeps tonight")!!
But actually in the jungle, the mighty jungle, we are going bowling tonight !
What else would you do for recreation in the jungle?? Coconut Bowling, of course!!
 I have seen recycled 2 liter bottles filled with colored water, etc. for bowling games but in the jungle it would definitely be palm trees and coconuts!! I just glued some fun foam palm fronds and a trunk to the empty green 2 liter bottle. I added a brown bottle cap to look like a coconut and then I filled it with just enough sand to keep it sitting up and create a little bit of a challenge to the bowler( be sure to screw the bottle lid back on tightly!!)
 And since we are in the jungle all we have to use for a ball is... you guessed it , a coconut!!
After the bowling fun is over you can use the coconut for more learning fun and involving all the senses. Drill a hole and drain out the coconut milk. Then crack it open and pull out the flaky, white "meat". Everyone can taste the fresh coconut and maybe try grating it!! That will make you appreciate a bag of coconut from the grocery!!
I also make coconut play dough to go with the jungle theme. I use the Kool-Aid Clay from a previous post and leave out the Kool Aid and add a little bit of Coconut flavoring from the grocery store. It's inexpensive. The dough is a creamy color without the Kool Aid in it so it looks like coconut and smells like it, too.
The Jungle is fun!

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