Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just wondering, that's all...

I'm just curious about something...

Hobby Lobby has a ton of Christmas "stuff" out already and the aisles are full of boxes of more goodies to be shelved.

 There is only a little Halloween "stuff" out so far. That comes first :)

I have done "Christmas in July" children's art camps twice in the last few years and they were popular with moms and children alike.

My family thinks it is weird but... I will watch a Christmas movie in July when I start my crafting for Christmas. Will you? Are you starting Christmas crafts??

Are you strict about when you first listen to Christmas music or start watching Christmas movies or do you watch "It's A Wonderful Life" any time you need to feel the love??

Well, there must be a lot of people getting in to the Christmas Spirit right now. How do I know this?? I am not a savvy blogger and I haven't made any money from ads on my blog and I forget to do linky parties when I am busy but I do know how to check stats and this post has been viewed 1,986 times in the last month and 400 and some of those viewings occurred on one day last week.
I have no idea why - but he better "run, run as fast as he can"
cause he's like a rock star right now!!!
"No autographs, please!"

And yes, I am gearing up to start Christmas crafts as soon as I am finished with "dorm decor" because I was a crazy person in February and signed up for a "what-was-I-thinking?- it-sounded-like-a-good-idea- at-the-time" craft show at church in October. First craft show in more than 10 years!!

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  1. I'm "just wondering" also. Are we going to skip
    Hallowe'en this year? It would suit me fine. I just buy a lot of candy, few children stop by and I end up eating the candy. That's not a good thing! Dott