Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rush, Rush, Rush....

It's called "Recruitment" now but back in the day it was "Rush."
College Girl and her sisters are busy, busy getting ready for whatever you want to call it to start. They are doing an amazing job organizing a big event, updating the decor at their house, getting their rooms ready and finding the perfect dresses to wear. They are taking a little break tomorrow from primping and fluffing to help "Unpack the Pack." They are the Wolves and tomorrow is move in day on campus for the "Wolf Pack". All the Greek organizations stop what they are doing and spend the day helping all the Freshman move into the dorms. It is hot (remember this is the South, deep South) and it is hard work. Two years ago when we hauled College Girls stuff to campus we were most impressed with the efficient, friendly help from the student volunteers. We drew the first unloading - leaving home before 7 am - but unloading in the early morning coolish air. Also impressive was the fact that the University President greeted us in a t-shirt matching all the other volunteers and proceeded to unload our truck!! Not just chat and shake hands but unloaded all those boxes and tubs from our truck and her car!!
So now that College Girl and her sisiters are Upperclassmen they are returning the favor and working hard all morning. They do follow the "unpacking" with manis and pedis - I mean, they are Sorority Girls getting ready to "rush."

I've had a fun couple of weeks spending some time at the Chi O House planting flowers, delivering the finishing touches on the dorm decor project and making some owls goodies (remember these ??) to be used in the "rush" process. Fun for me - those girls are so much fun to spend time with :)

And, speaking of "rushing"
 someone actually told me that there are 128 days til Christmas...
Seriuosly??? It is in the 90's. It's not "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas", that's for sure.

PS. If these pictures look like they were taken in the middle of the night???... sorry, they are dark ,but they were :) That's when I made, finished and photographed them!!  I need to read up on photographing items at 2 am and how to make the pictures better - haha!!

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