Monday, August 20, 2012

I LOVE My Porch!

After a question or two about where College Girl was in this post I decided to share a few pics of my porch. We truly love our porch. We use it year 'round and even here in the South that means we are sometimes wrapped up in a blanket to be out here but we love it that much. It is beachy and comfy and fun!! These are pictures of one side - I'll post the rest another day. We love it morning, noon and night. I start every day out here with coffee and it is our favorite dinner spot as well. The dogs love this porch, too. Our friends love this porch. We entertain here even if we have to crank up propane heaters in the Winter. We have had Christmas Eve and St. Patty's Day parties on this porch!! We had more than 225 people for College Girls HS graduation party. It's a big porch :)

We have a hanging bed on this side of the porch. It is overflowing with pillows and cushions and is the best napping spot in town. If College Girl is home for more than an hour this is where you will find her and the doggies right beside her :) If she has required reading for class or is reading for fun, this is the spot! My husband built this from pictures I had been saving forever.
We have adirondack chairs in every corner of this porch. We built them from kits and painted each one a different color. There are plants and lamps and places to sit and eat.

We love this yard sale find table. Lamp from Wal Mart, candle holders from IKEA, crab from my sister. Nothing is expensive or to be worried about. We have FUN on this porch.
We repurposed an old mantel and everything looks better with twinkle lights.
 This porch is amazing at night!

The only improvement would be if it was actually at the beach and we could hear the waves. There is a pond with a mermaid fountain right outside this section of the porch so you can take a nap listening to trickling water. It's good but it's not waves!!
We built this hutch from a recycled kitchen cabinet and found lumber to house a TV and DVD player but we took it out a while back because we just relax and read on the swinging bed.
I love this porch because it reminds me of the screened porches of my childhood summers on the beaches around Charleston, SC. My cousin and I slept outside on "sleeping porches" at Bonneau Beach, Georgetown and IOP. Nothing like it!
I read a quote years ago in a decorating magazine that said, "If everyone in America had a screened porch to come home to the whole country would be a better place." I think it's true.

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  1. OMG! I loooove it!! Looks so relaxing! I love the "coastal" feel it has and all the bright colors you used to decorate with.

  2. Your porch looks so cozy and inviting. The cheery colors you used help to make it a happy room. We also have a sun room. Maybe I can get hubby to make me one of those hanging beds. Good ideas.

  3. What a welcoming spot. I will be over around 5 for a cocktail. :D

  4. I am loving your porch!!! So dang cute and colorful..It makes me want to flop onto the hanging bed and just relax. Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and enter my giveaway.

  5. Looks like such a fun, cozy place to be. Thanks for linking up :)

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