Monday, September 10, 2012

50,000 reasons... or read the LARGE print, not the fine print!

I thought I had a few more days to put this post together but it all happened so fast!!
I had decided last week that I would do my first giveaway when I reached 50,000 views. I know some blogs have that in a week, probably a day, but it's a big milestone for me - it means someone besides my mom and my friend DeDe are reading :)
It is mostly thanks to this guy.

So run, run as fast as you can and read about the Gingerbread Man! It's funny actually. He has had a bazillion hits - thank you Pinterest and Be Colorful Blog - a fav, but when my friend commissioned him I struggled a bit with how to make the brown Gingerbread Man cute and colorful. Turns out he's a charmer. There have been a few other high traffic posts:
like the Pumpkin Totem, and Snowman in a Baggie, which is about the simplest thing I ever thought up!
I planned to set up a new mollie's mom Facebook page** and then have a giveaway.
 Well, I struggled with some of the FB set up issues and linking the blog and FB so that delayed the giveaway a bit.
But I finally got it all pulled together and we are over 50,000 views so here are the "deets", as they say:
Just "like" mollie's mom on Facebook and then leave  a message on this post that you "liked" the new FB page ( if you want to have two chances to win then "pin" your favorite project from this blog and tell me that in the message also!)and what you want to win because you can choose:
either a burlap candy corn door hanger
like this

 or a canvas with a favorite verse or quote
like this

You choose and I'll send it your way.
Pretty simple. And I'll choose a winner on....
 a favorite day of mine ... 9/29 ... College Girls birthday!!!

Good Luck!!!

** The Facebook page is set up but I still am having trouble with the FB "Like" button for my sidebar!!! Any tips???  I've had some choice things to say about the FB" help" pages. :(

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  1. 50,000 hits in such a short time. That's great! I love your blogs. MOM

  2. Yay you and thanks for the shout out. I have noticed that one of the sites that is frequented by my readers is an old Motivated Monday where you shared the stacked pumpkins. You should put that on Pinterest right now. It will bring you TONS of traffic I would bet. I don't remember how I got the like button on my blog but it is kind of finicky and it comes and goes - weird. I think it has something to do with whether I am signed in to Facebook as Pamela Aanestad Rosenberg or BeColorful. I will look you up though and like your page.
    Have a great week and thanks so much for linking up again.

  3. Love all of your projects. My daughter is a preschool aid.

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  5. I like your facebook page! Hope I win!

  6. I pinned your gingerbread man. Hope I win!