Monday, September 3, 2012

So long, Summer....

Labor Day is the official end of Summer.
It is still here in the South and we have long been back at school but traditionally we think of Labor Day as The End. I'm not ready. I'm never ready for Summer to end. I will listen to beach music all year long... Sirius is programmed to Margaritaville... I can't give up shorts and flip flops and Summer colors yet... although the white pants are now retired ... I was raised in the South, y'all. I cannot do it. No matter the temp!

There wasn't enough beach time this Summer.
 Let's face it there's never enough beach time for me :)
But my beachy sign has about had it ... ( lesson here - I obviously did not prime. The knots are bleeding through. )

So, it's a little sad to say "so long" to Summer.
But trying to see the bright side... It's time for SEC football!!!! Nothing like Game Day to cheer one up - as I said, I was raised in the South y'all!!
And I'm thinking about painting my tangerine door for Fall. I may go with a warm, dark greige. I'm still playing with my SW paint fan but I know in my heart I cannot put a red bow on that Tangerine door come December 1 :)  So I'm thinking of painting that door. I paint my front door like some women change purses. My husband predicts a time will come when that door won't shut 'cause there will be a bazillion layers of paint on it. We'll see.

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  1. Love your simple clean and whimsical style and I'm so happy you share it here at BeColorful.