Friday, July 5, 2013

Popsicles Say Summer!!!

Popsicles are part of Summertime fun so I came up with a little "Pop"(sicle) Art for Summer Art Camp. It's fun and easy and everyone can choose what "flavor" they want their art to be!

This is a 9x12 inch canvas from Dick Blick. I cut out a tracer for the popsicle shape but older children could draw it freehand with chalk. I painted my background a Summer sky blue but, again, color is up to each artist on this project.

I added white to my background color and used it to spounce on some polka dots for fun. A little color mixing lesson is a bonus.

I chose to make my popsicle orange but it took me a while to decide
between that and banana (yellow!)

Since white paint was already out I added a little to my orange and did a little shading on my popsicle. Another easy thing to try.

Then I punched 2 holes at the top of the canvas and added a wire,
some beads and a glittery scrap of tulle ribbon.

And then, the part that makes this so fun!! I added the "popsicle sticks"!!
I used two paint sticks that my Sherwin Williams "guy" kindly gave me and hot glued them (adults have to do this part) on the back so that they stick out from behind the painted popsicle.
It looks like the real thing!
You could do this project on smaller canvases and just adjust what you use as the popsicle sticks. For instance, jumbo popsicle sticks or cutting down the paint sticks. I went with 9x12 canvas because the proportion was perfect with the paint sticks and an easy size for children to paint.

Then a coat of sparkle glaze just on the popsicle.

... and your Summertime popsicle art is ready to hang and enjoy.
You can admire your work while you have your favorite flavor of popsicle!!

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