Thursday, July 4, 2013

I've Been Going Gray ...

... for quite a while now! In paint and bedding, that is!!
And I'm going coral along with it. :)

This is our Master bedroom and unfortunately all of the "before" pictures I took when I started were lost when I destroyed (I mean obliterated) my iphone . The headboard was a dark, dark Mediterranean style from a set my in laws had for years. We took only the headboard. I painted it a distressed cream for the previous look we had which greatly improved it at that point. ( Excellent suggestion from my mom.)

I'm sad to say that I bought the paint and bedding last Summer but it just never happened. Then I started the new year with the overhaul of the Master Bath and have now moved on to the Master bedroom.

I loved the mirror and ombre dresser from the bathroom so much that one day I just grabbed the can of Sherwin Williams Rejuvenate - which is the most amazing coral color- and "rejuvenated" that old headboard!! It looks like a new, trendy headboard. College Girls says she is obsessed with it.
My mom made the gray polka dot and chevron pillows. The huge matlesse coral pillow came from SteinMart and was 70% off. The mermaid pillow came from World Market and was marked down as well. The gray and white lightweight comforter at the end of the bed was marked down at IKEA.
We love it. The room is far from finished but I was so anxious to see the bedding all together that I jumped the gun and dressed the bed. I still haven't hung any art or painted the book cases on the opposite wall but I will - eventually. Does it take you forever to finish a room?? I used to be quicker!

On the opposite wall is a cool bamboo planter that I found last year while scrounging around at a favorite shop near College girl's campus. I'm "shopping" the house and moving things around as I paint and I think this will be it's new home so I need a plant next!! The perfect match blanket came from IKEA and I reclaimed the pillow from College Girl's previous room.
Hopefully there will be more progress soon but I have a Mission Trip and our second VBS of the Summer to complete first before I pull out the paintbrushes again!

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