Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When Life Gives You Snow...

... Stay warm and make stuff!!!

What else can you do?? Here in Atlanta we are not prepared for snow and ice in a way that allows us to go on with school and work, etc. So we just have to go with the flow snow and hunker down at home. Sometimes I clean or organize and I can always still work (thank you for the fact that we have power and therefore, internet) 
but I always see these snow days as bonus "art time!!" 

So I thought that you might like to see a recap of some past snowy art projects and maybe get inspired to be creative if you are stuck at home for yet another snow day!!

This guy is my most pinned project ever. It is crazy - thousands and thousands of repins. He was the result of the passing thought, " I need a simple, inexpensive snowman project using stuff I have and that has a purpose in the classroom besides cuteness!!"  Snowman in a Baggie was born and he has made everyone he meets happy. He has also sparked many other baggie projects that I now do. That could be a post on its own!!

You probably have this stuff hanging around right now!

And sparkly Snow Guys.

All you need is paper plates, a baggie and "stuff" you have laying around!! 
You can really get creative with this one.

You can create a larger version of these fun puppets using paint sticks, different sizes of paper plates or paper circles or larger lids like those from coffee cans and sour cream containers!!

Another snowguy project that has been pinned a zillion times. 
A little more involved but he can hang around all Winter
 to keep you company on snow days!!

You can keep yourself the kiddos entertained for hours with this concotion!!

That's where you'll find this guy:

Photo: Word on the street is that Mr. Snowguy is expecting company. In the form of "flaky" friends!!   We are expecting another "snow event" I the ATL. I hope it's less eventful than the last one!!! #illbehomebythefireifyouneedme
 and this project - super cute and fun to do with the kiddos on a cold, Winter day:

And if you are someplace warm or really just over 
the snowy, Winter thing how about this guy??


Photo: Adding in some Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear mixed with white for shading. Leftover paint is being put to good use- I have a bunch of those SW samples to use. I just like the consistency of this house paint :) 

or on my Instagram.  I am constantly on IG. Obsessed.

If you are cooped up on a snowy day then I hope these pictures and links inspire you. And if you are somewhere warm and sunny... well, then, I'm just jealous!!

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