Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I love Flipagram. I'm a little obsessed. 
This may not be a good thing. Not because Flipagram is a bad thing but because I really don't have much to put into a Flipagram and that hasn't stopped me. 
Not one bit. 
I'm scrolling through pictures just hoping to find something worth Flipagramming
 ( New word. Might end up being the word they add to the dictionary next year. 
This year it was "selfies.")
 I'm a much bigger fan of Flipagram than selfies. Just saying.

You will see this in it.

It is just random pictures of past projects 
tied together by a song about color.
Choosing the music is another fun aspect of the FG process. 
I'm not one of those people who knows the song title and artist of songs,  any song really. 
Even if I hear it a kajillion times. But with FG you can enter the title, artist or just a topic and a bunch of songs pop up. 
Then you can listen to a quick preview of the song before you choose it. 
Very fun and entertaining.

 Photo: Adding in some Sherwin Williams Anjou Pear mixed with white for shading. Leftover paint is being put to good use- I have a bunch of those SW samples to use. I just like the consistency of this house paint :)
The idea behind this one was to FG  the process of this painting step-by-step. 
Excellent idea in theory. 
I think this could really work if you decided before pictures were taken 
and documented it more carefully. 
I decided after the fact and just had to use what I had. (Again I say, not having anything spectacular to FG has not stopped me.)
The song is good though :)

I actually made my first FG in January - right after the first- and it was The Year In Review for College Girl and it was cute. 
I chose about 80 photos and found the perfect song and it is really fun to watch. 

I think that FG could be used for a school project of some sort. It's like  quick power point with music. I think a book review could possibly be done with FG. Or a science project. 
I think it could be a very creative way to present information if your child has a very savvy teacher.

Well, anyway, I am a huge fan of Flipgram. Try it - you'll like it.
 But be warned, it is addicting and you can definitely get sucked in and lose track of time. 
Post them on IG - everyone loves to check them out!! 
Have fun.

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