Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hydrangea Love!

(taking a little break from all the ORC chatter!)
I love my hydrangea bushes.
A lot. Probably more than I should.

 I had to dig them up and put them in pots a few years ago because
 I really love my two big Goldens as well and they are not easy on gardens.

The hydrangeas outgrew those pots and this year my handy husband
 used pallet wood and a plastic bin to create some great big planters.

An aerial view: We decided to build around the plastic bin to help the wooden framework hold up better and to allow for legs on the bottom so that we could level the planters on sloping ground.
We looked at a lot of ideas on Pinterest and then just went for it.
 I'm sure there are some good DIY's to follow if you want to make some. 
We didn't take step-by-step pics because there is a ton of info out there already!

They are very simple and rustic. 
We knew they would be covered by the plants and 
we really didn't need anything too formal or fancy. 
I just needed a very economical way to get really big planters. 
The pallets were free and the tubs were less than $5.00 at Wal Mart.
 Seriously, nothing swanky going on here.

And look at how the bushes have taken off!! 
They are covered in blooms about to burst into color!!
I'm obsessed!!

The hydrangea behind the pond is in a huuuuge pot and is loaded with buds this year, too.

I add something to the dirt to convince my blooms to be blue but I have lavender and pink blooms this year anyway! I think it must be all the extra soil added to those huuuuge planter boxes. I'm just happy to have so many blooms - whatever the color!

And this hydrangea bush is Limelight and makes all the other bushes green with envy!


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