Saturday, May 7, 2016

Elephant Rescue!

One of the things on Mollie's wish list has been an elephant garden stool.
We actually thought about one for the #motherdaughteroneroomchallenge
but there wasn't room and the Thrifting Gods did not offer one up!

We popped in to a favorite thrift shop the other day to take a look around
and tucked in a corner....
... blending in with a white cabinet behind it...
was an elephant that needed rescuing.

He needed rescuing because he had been living with someone who had never thought to spiff him up in any way (he was still in his raw plaster state)
and then donated him to a thrift store where he was pushed into a corner!
"Nobody puts baby in a corner."
( That movie keeps showing up during ORC season!!)

Well, we grabbed him and took him right home with us,
 grabbed our favorite gold paint for elephants and got busy.

I forgot to take a picture before I started spraying him gold*
 but it was a gray day and we were worried about rain.
(And dying to seem him all painted up!!)

Looking better already and he's only lived with us for  few hours
 at this point!

*I don't spray paint everything gold but I will spray paint just about  anything!!