Friday, March 31, 2017

A Box of Crayons Can Change Everything!

Today is OFFICIALLY Crayola's Crayon Day.
This is a holiday I can get behind.
A new box of crayons is still one of my favorite things!!
White is my favorite crayon! Crazy?
You can do so much with a white crayon!

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I just watched a video about Crayon Day that was being streamed from Times Square NYC.
Dandelion Yellow is retiring from the box  of 24 and a new blue is coming to replace it.
There will be a naming contest!!
So fun.
(I always say I want the job of naming paint colors!)

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But, I have already participated in a different kind of Crayon Day.
I've blogged about it before.
I'm going to provide this link
I hope you go back and read it.
It is kind of shocking to realize the impact a box of crayons can make on a child's life.
Maybe we should focus on changing America one box of 24 at a time.

*This post was not supported or solicited by Crayola Crayons.
Neither was  my Crayon Day.
But I hope some one at Crayola reads it one day!

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