Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring 2017 ORC "Half The Time" Project ~ Week 3

Half the time of my "Half The Time" project is gone.

I've got to get it together because I cannot bring this room back again.


I'm a list maker so here goes:

1. Paint chair white (almost finished) 
2. Make pillows from fab new fabric
3. Measure and buy bamboo shade
4. Hand block print curtains (Yep, she's crazy!)
5. The floor? Carpet is old/not going anywhere. Decide on rug. Seagrass or Jute? Or what?
6. Decide on additional pillows. 
7. Gather bamboo frames and art. Paint frames if needed. Frame prints.
8. Hang gallery wall
9. Cord covers on sconces - never did it last time around :(
10. Decide about bedside table?
11. Mirror over bed - change out or replace with artwork
12. Gather blue and white for dresser
13. Lamp?
14. And a new thought here, paint wood dresser?? (Definitely crazy!) Will it make the wood 
       armoire look bigger and darker and lonely in it's big darkness? (Yep, nutso!)

So it is PRIME TIME here in the ORC world 
that's all I've done this week - prime things.

 I'm using these in another project
 which has made me think about using them in my ORC gallery wall. 

(They are going to be awesome in my other project!!)

I'm waaaay behind on the gallery wall thing and this was not my original direction. 
I think I'm beginning to panic and grasp at straws.

We will just have to see if I make some progress before the Week 4 post
 or if I'll be writing a concession speech and throwing in the towel!
(We had big elections this week in GA. Can you tell?)

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  1. Priming is such a drag, and it feels like it takes forever. Painting is a relief since paint goes on so much more smoothly. :) I like the wave pictures.

    1. Thank you. Yes, priming makes you feel bogged down w/out any real progress!