Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Thrifty Decorating

This is my second apartment decorating/styling project for MUST MINISTRIES.
You can check out the first one here.
This apartment complex is smaller and considerably older than the first one but it has some unique and charming details to work with.

Again- zero budget but freedom to grab anything I need 
from the Donation Center or MUST Marketplace Thrift Store

Before photos:

 Same donated rental company furniture but I found that fabulous and huge wicker trunk at the donation center and snagged it to replace the matching coffee table. It also ties in the oak desk that won't fit through the hallway (I told you the apartment is old and has some charming quirks I have to work with!)

 Front bedroom. 
It's huge. 

Sliding closet doors - long gone.
And I can't do anything about the scary ceiling fan :(

The Bathroom.
It's tiny and has the original tile but it is fortunately a nice neutral instead of a scary color.
 I'll take it.

Second bedroom.
Much, much smaller. 

There is a strangely shaped hallway with all of these rooms coming off of it
 but it has this cool bookshelf closet thing that is going to be fun to incorporate storage and decorative items both.
I've started placing "my finds" in here.

And the kitchen. 
It is very dated and the cabinets are not that well painted but it is functional 
and has fresh white paint on the walls. 
My time frame is very short because every day that this apartment isn't ready
 is a day someone is staying in a shelter and considered homeless.
So painting is not an option. 
The apartment is clean, dry, has working appliances and all the amenities.
We are working with what we have to create a welcoming home!

The kitchen cabinets are black. The kitchen floor is beige as are the bathroom tiles.
The rental furniture is black and brown tweedy fabric with black end tables and lamps. 
The bedroom furniture is oak. 
With those "givens" I have decided to go with a sort of boho neutral/natural look with lots of texture and neutral fabrics and art.

I am off to find everything I need at the donation warehouse, 
the MUST Marketplace, Goodwill and my basement. 

I will have a post with the finished apartment soon!!

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