Friday, August 4, 2017

Bamboo Is Best.

Bamboo Is Best is the title of one of my most popular Pinterest boards 
and my design mantra as well. 
I think Dorothy Draper said every room needed a touch of black.
 I agree, but I think every room needs a touch of bamboo.
 Or in my case - more than a touch.
 I like my bamboo in big doses.

And it turns out I'm not wrong about this.

Vintage bamboo, reproduction bamboo, faux bamboo and new styles of bamboo furniture are everywhere these days.

It's really timeless.
Our first flatware many, many years ago was bamboo. 
And here we are still using bamboo flatware.

Bamboo is so versatile.
 You can use a room full of bamboo furniture or mix in a touch of bamboo into traditional, contemporary and rooms of every style. 
Inside and outside.

More formal
Related image

or relaxed and casual.
a covered patio furnished in the British Colonial style

Bamboo works in every room and with every style.
It's the "neutral" of furniture.

So, here's a little bamboo eye candy as we breeze in to the first weekend of August.
 It's still Summer in my book 
(I do not care what the Metro Atlanta School Calendar says)
and there's plenty of time to enjoy some tropical bamboo accents.
For this "Bamboo Friday" I'm focusing on natural bamboo pieces:

This bed from Anthropologie is perfection.
I wouldn't be mad if this showed up at my house.
Honoka Bed #anthropologie

Or this entire bedroom set up from One Kings Lane:
I love everything about this bedroom

If not a whole bamboo bed then a vintage rattan and bamboo bedside table
 adds warmth and another texture to this pretty bedroom:
What to do with Vintage Furniture - Rattan, Wicker & Bamboo
(And I'd like to point out that her toddler created the b/w modern artwork!)

Bar carts are another place I like natural bamboo tones:
This one is styled up in Amanda Louise perfection:

Amanda Louise Interiors : Christmas Morning Mimosas

I have a couple of bamboo bar carts and I use them for anything and everything!

More styled to perfection bamboo bar carts here.
Me sigam também no INSTAGRAM, como KIKAJUNQ /  FOLLOW ME:
(Stuart Membery)

This gorgeous dresser came to live in my family room at the beginning of the year. 
It was too gorgeous to paint.
mollies mom  bamboo dresser thrifted vintage
(I'm not a fan of big, black TVs from a design standpoint 
but they are a reality and the bamboo dresser takes it up a notch in my opinion.)

Bamboo dressers are being used in every room of the house these days.
Gorgeous, repurposed storage.

faux bamboo, love this chest and accessories in british west indies style

Christmas Home Tour

Everything about this powder room with it's bamboo dresser turned vanity is fabulous!
Chinoiserie Chic
 via Chinoiserie Chic

We think vintage bamboo is so fabulous that we started a business finding and selling what we can bear to part with :)
See what that's about here and here!

I love bamboo so much that maybe "Bamboo Fridays" should be a thing!


  1. Marcie, I love your bamboo inspiration images! I wish I could visit your booth because I have had no luck in my thrifting outings. I have had bamboo flatware in my shopping cart online for months but am trying to show some willpower (no easy task!). Have a great weekend! xo, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Hopefully one of these days you will find a fabulous bamboo treasure on a thrifting trip! I wish you could visit the booth too- we filled the back of the car today with goodies headed to the booth! We love our bamboo flatware. I found it for a good price when I had to replace our original set - it wore out! Look around and maybe a great deal will pop up and make it easier to pull the trigger.

  2. Love that powder room with the giant clamshell sink bowl.

    Try Horchow for inexpensive bamboo flatware, sometimes it on super sale!

    1. Thank you - I think my most recently purchased bamboo flatware came from Horchow!