Friday, August 11, 2017

Bamboo Friday #2

Bamboo Lovers Unite.
Apparently there are quite a few of us.
The first Bamboo Friday was a hit so maybe BF is a thing!

Last time we looked at bamboo in its natural state.
This week we are going to focus on painted bamboo.
Labor Day is around the corner which signals the end of Summer 
but there's still time to talk about white painted bamboo furniture.
I don't think white painted bamboo is seasonal - just classic and timeless.

If you've been around any time at all you know I love to paint things white!

This white faux bamboo cabinet in AL's entry way is the backdrop for all the color and texture Amanda Louise can throw at it.
Check out the tassels and striped candles?? Love them.
Amanda Louise Interiors

The glossy white bamboo chairs are fabulous.
Lined up in a row at a fantastic table (it's marble!!):
Windsor Smith Home: White faux bamboo chairs, rustic white washed dining table, industrial yoke pendants, ...
And painted checkerboard floors are one of my favorite things.

I "pinned" this image ages ago. How relaxing is this spot?
Bamboo furniture creates a retro-chic dining porch in this coastal home. Update a vintage dining set with a fresh coat of white paint, and pick one accent color, such as sea green, shown here. (Photo: J. Savage Gibson)-sunroom

More glossy white faux bamboo chairs.
And Holy Guacamole - look at this place!
It's in the Bahamas and you can rent it!! 
I'd say 'let's go' but if I ever stepped foot in there 
I would never want to leave and they would have to evict me :)
Dining room.

But glossy white isn't just reserved for bamboo chairs...

Isadora Etagere by Lilly Pulitzer
Look at that cabinet from Lilly Pullitzer.
There isn't a room in the house where you couldn't use that cabinet.

And then there is the enviable faux bamboo dresser.
There are a variety of desirable makers-Thomasville and Henry Link to name two.
I think all faux bamboo is desirable so I'm not concerned about the maker.IMG_5846

Image result for white bamboo dresser

So gorgeous in white with the brass bamboo pulls.

Turquoise Office with Bamboo Overlay Trim

I have the faux bamboo dresser I mentioned last Bamboo Friday but I have another one I plan to paint for the Master Bedroom. 
I told myself I wasn't going to paint it white but these glossy white images are making me think about it!
Don't you love white painted bamboo??


    this is pretty dang good also.

    1. Yes it is!!! That glossy green table! #droolworthy

  2. Love the painted bamboo look. I did a Chinese red Henry Link dresser in my son's nursery, it doubled as a changing table too.

    1. Oh my gash - Henry Link AND Chinese red!! I bet it's amazing!