Wednesday, August 9, 2017

from my iphone 8/2017

I haven't done one of these "random things from my phone" posts since June.
July went by so quickly!
And now it's August.

The condensed version of  "What Happened in July:"

Sometimes my backyard is one big spray booth.
Usually involves white paint.

Mollie and I moved in to our booth 
It was reallllly hot the day we moved all that stuff!

 One of these watering trough pools could really help you beat the heat. 
I love them. I like this one because it is glossy white.

And here's a little something amazing you can do if your pool doesn't hold water:

Two of my favorites: Mother Teresa and Princess Diana.
 Isn't this a sweet picture?

I found this mirror for practically nothing!
Google 'Gampel and Stoll' mirrors and see why I'm ecstatic :)
I haven't hung it yet. Still working on where and when. 
But I loooove it!

I went on another mission trip. It rained. A lot.

But we got all of our projects finished anyway!

 I cannot walk away from a clearance plant. Can. Not.

Still loving this faux bamboo china cabinet in my master bath.
This room was an ORC project. 
I'm already thinking about the one coming up this Fall. So much motivation!

We went to The Keys. We all went paddle boarding. 
Look at those clouds. It's gorgeous there.

I want to paint my floors white. 
I just love the way they look. 
You know. In a photo that was edited and doesn't have Golden Retriever hair in it.

We are painting our basement steps glossy white.
 They were dark green before 
and it was like a trip to a medieval dungeon when you went down there.

Weirdly enough, this is part of a kitchen purge and reorganization.
More on that later.
If it goes well.

Two of my favorite non-profits. 
We have been @dswt supporters for a few years now.
Mollie "gets" a baby elephant every  year for Christmas.
And I'm a beach person so the other one is pretty obvious. 
I picked up trash every day in The Keys. Really. 
C'mon people. The trash barrels are right there.

I have lived this one right here: 

In fact, I had to leave this perfect set behind.
 It was practically free. 
But I took a picture so I could remember that I didn't get it! :(

Some paint and it would have been fabulous.

And this showhouse room by Lisa Mende is blowing up IG.
It should. It's fabulous. 
It just says "Happy Summer!"

The kids went back to school here in Metro Atlanta 
but I'm still in Summer mode until Labor Day!
Or longer if it stays hot ;)

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