Tuesday, January 16, 2018

First - Get Organized.

So much of social media and blogging right now is all about getting organized after the holidays. 
I feel inspired to purge, paint and organize at the start of the year. 

I'm off to a slow start because I missed the first several days of 2018 
because I had the plague :(
No kidding - worst flu or whatever. Ever.

But back to organizing.
I bought a faux bamboo china cabinet a couple of years ago. 
From seeing it online to texting the seller to loading it in my husbands truck 
was about an hour and a half. 
I do not mess around.

Did we need a china cabinet?

The plan was always to put it in the Master Bathroom!
Yep, you read that right.
We do not have a linen closet or any storage space in the MB but we had a good sized L-shaped layout that would accommodate a big bamboo china cabinet.
My husband was less sure about this plan but we loaded it up, got rid of the cigarette smoke smell and carried it up to the MB.

And then a coat of fabulous coral deliciousness!
Sherwin Williams Ravishing Coral. 
And suddenly that dingy yellow-y cream china cabinet was ravishing.

I wanted the openness of the glass doors so I started collecting every wicker and rattan suitcase I could find. They all came from yard sales and thrift shops 
and not one cost over $5.00.
They hold a multitude of not pretty items and are easy to pull in and out. 

There are stacks of towels and a few decorative items but mostly 
there is just storage for all those odds and ends that are necessary in a bathroom.

This is one of my favorite storage solutions ever- china cabinet turned linen closet.

See more of this Master Bathroom here,


  1. Marcie, what a gorgeous piece of furniture! You always find the best things! I love the color and how you styled it--just beautiful!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. It was a lucky find - the lady who was selling it did not like the style and practically gave it to me!!!