Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another fun project from VBS was building Sand Castles that don't wash away with the tide :)

We used any and every kind of recyclable we could find to create the castle. We glued and masking taped the parts together. This is a very creative and expressive project for all ages because it doesn't matter how you put things together or how much masking tape is used because the whole thing gets a coat of sand colored paint. We did this one time before and actually mixed sand in the paint - one of my volunteers almost didn't survive the experience - messy but fun!! This time we brushed them with glue after the paint dried and sprinkled on real sand from one of my beach trips - glistening white sand from beautiful Marco Island, Fl to be exact! Then we used shells and a flag to decorate our castle. The younger children could use peel and stick beachy fun foam shapes. Much easier than the shells which require a lot of glue. I mean a lot.
You could make this castle for a Princess Birthday Party centerpiece. Just paint it in pinks and purples and add jewels or let each "princess" decorate her own.  The flag could have the child's name on it. They are made from a straw or skewer and a scrap of cardstock.
This can also be used for a unit on Kings and Queens - just paint the castle in grays to look like stone.
Start saving your Kleenex boxes and paper towel tubes and see if you can build an amazing castle this summer!

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  1. Cute idea! We just got home from New England where we visited a bunch of different beaches and made real sand castles. I love your idea here. Great for birthday parties too!
    Happy Lovely Monday:)