Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quick and Colorful ...

... but a lot of fun and a big impact when it was finished! We did these waaaaayyy back in September but I just found the images on my phone. So, here you go!

We used toilet paper rolls as our stamps. And very bright, neon-y acrylic craft paint because we were stamping on black.

Easy, peasy. Just dip and stamp. As many colors and circles as you like. A very relaxing project. We just chatted and stamped...

... and stamped.
We stamped our circles on mirrors framed in black from IKEA. They are $1.99. Yep, frame and mirror all put together ready to hang and painted black. Can't ask for more than that!

We did this on a Wednesday Night at church.
 The white stickers says, " I am a child of God."
They could not wait to get them home and hang them up. And look in them!
And the moms loved them when they came at pick up time.
A win-win project for a $1.99 !

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