Monday, May 13, 2013

Well, I can show you now....

Happy Mother's Day!!
Hope you have a wonderful day - I'm having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend - not just a day!!
I couldn't share this before because my little art camp friends created these a couple of weeks ago for their moms. So I guess in blog-speak, this is the BIG REVEAL :)

Basic crafts supplies - the raindrop looking sponge shapes are the only out of the ordinary craft supply. I cut the shapes from inexpensive sponges from the dollar store. I prefer Miracle Sponge but Michael's and Hobby Lobby no longer carry it and it's too bad :( 
 I love that stuff.

This is the main component of this project which would be good for Mother's Day, as we did, or a garden unit or for the end of school, or April Showers/weather unit, etc. You could work it in a lot of ways. It is simply a wooden stake from HD - they come in a bundle of 10 or 12 for less than $3.00. The circle is a metal paint can lid. ( you've seen these before in another project!) I put a nail in the center and a dab of liquid nail on the back to secure them and sprayed them green. I have to base coat projects because we have only 50 minutes once a month - I wish it was once a week :) If they could base coat one day and decorate another that would be even better. I spattered them with a lighter green cause I just like to spatter things.
Strips of fabric scraps and the necessary CFA large unsweet tea with lemon.

Cute little preschool table all ready to go!

Pretty flower stakes for the garden. Just for Mom. Just sponge on however many petals you want and use the spouncer to make the big yellow center.

They all turn out cute but just a little bit different - just like each child.
Some of the centers were two-tone. Fancy!

We tied on the ribbon or torn fabric scrap and it is ready to give to mom. The preschool classes have a Mother's Day tea and they stick the flowers in the ground as decoration and then mom's get to take them home. It's a hit every year.
There are a lot of great books to read with this project. I've used Tiny Seed and several others. If you do this in a church preschool or Sunday School then you can make a little tag with a verse on it. I've used " I planted the seed, but God made it grow."
It's a fun Spring project and I am ready for blooms and bees and sunny days!

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