Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Colors and the $15.00 Patio Makeover!

I'm having a colorful start to Summer. Painting everything like crazy.
On my "list" for a while has been this sign in our backyard. We call it our "M.A.S.H." sign. Remember the show with Alan Alda? It was a family favorite - we still watch it and laugh. They had a sign in the middle of the compound with places and mileage and I always loved the show and the sign. About 10 years ago - maybe longer- we made one for the backyard with all of the beaches we have visited as a family.

Well, 10 years of Atlanta weather has taken its toll and I needed to add some beaches, so it is getting a major overhaul. The signs are spread out all over the table on the screened porch and are getting fresh coats of delicious Summer colored paint.
Also, on the agenda is a little project for College Girl's new place. Yes, she is on the move again. Seriously. Last Summer it was in to the Sorority House. This Summer it is into a super cute townhouse with two of her Chi O sisters. One will graduate next May but College Girl and the other sister have vowed to stay in this place for 2 years.... I'll believe it when I see it. Five moves in 3 years of college makes me doubtful :)
We moved her in an absolute monsoon - what an experience. All I can say is thank Heaven for a certain Kappa Sig and his truck, muscles and patience.
But now the fun part - settling in. As always, it is a low budget proposition.
While all the great paint colors were out I grabbed a square scrap of exterior plywood and gave it a coat of oil-based primer and then started painting.

Base coat in a great turquoise blue. Outline in SW Urbane Bronze.


Puffy white Summer clouds.

Adding the "fun" colors. Quick, messy brushstrokes with colors all blended together on the palette.

More color.

Whooo's a colorful guy?

More boards. More summery colors. I love those samples from
 Sherwin Williams and Lowe's.

I loaded up the finished painting of the Chi O owl, a little garden table we had (and used at a place she lived year before last), a string of colorful outdoor lights that we had in a storage box, a metal Ikea lantern that I used at Christmas and my pruning shears.

I headed to college Girl's new place and...

... after pruning overgrown bushes, cleaning off the little patio (thank you previous tenants for a bag of trash and the largest guy's tennis shoes I've ever seen ! ) and putting everything in place we had a sweet little spot to have a meal or sit and talk with friends. All I bought was the red patio umbrella for $14.99. Instant atmosphere for less than 15 dollars.

Hopefully I'll have "after" pics of the "M.A.S.H." sign soon.

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  1. Super cute owl! A great addition to a
    lovely patio space.
    I bet they loved it!

    : o)