Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've Been Painting Furniture Non-Stop

I've been painting furniture during my blogging hiatus.
 A lot of furniture.
 A lot.
Some for College Girl's new place and some for clients.

College Girl wanted a gigantic white table in her place and she had plenty  of room. We found this drop leaf table in a new Thrift Shop near us about a week after she moved. We jumped on it - it was a steal. I started painting it white in my freezing basement during one of Atlanta's snow events. BRRRR.

Next up. Four chairs for the table. CG wanted them painted in 4 colors off of the same SW strip so they were an ombre when all around the table. They have fabulous SW names like Spa and Aquarium. It was fun to do 4 different colors. Chair painting took over the kitchen during the next snow event. I was over freezing in my basement.

Here they are lined up dark to light with the seats all recovered.
 They turned out soooo cute. She loves them.

A little $5.00 thrift store side table jazzed up with a two-tone paint job.
The shades of gray were left from our ombre paint job on two IKEA dressers that CG used in a previous apartment. We try to choose versatile pieces so that they can move with her for years to come. These can easily be repainted or have a hardware change in the future and be used in any room of the house. I love this particular dresser and it's only about $70.00 and simple to put together. It's unfinished so you can do whatever you wish.

The iphone picture is grainy - the light in her closet is not that great but these dressers give her a ton of storage and organizational space. And they look pretty cute too.

Then someone gave me this very nice Broyhill end table that I decided to use for CG's new apartment. She wanted hot pink - I mean, when else can you do whatever you want and paint furniture hot pink but when you are young and single??

So, again to the kitchen with a project. It was too cold to work anywhere else this Winter and chili and soups only require a crockpot - thankfully!
She chose Sherwin Williams Eros Pink and it is fabulous in her space.

I have more furniture pictures but I'm actually headed out to paint furniture in a few so that's the photo overload for today. 
Two posts in two days. What???????


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