Saturday, June 20, 2015

Banner Making

Soooo, every year the team gives a banner to the village we visit in Honduras.
There is always a welcome banner hanging up at the school when we arrive 
and we present ours when we are preparing to leave. 
They keep the banners and display them in the village. It's very sweet.

Wellll, I volunteered to make the banner.
 Months before the trip.
Literally months.
Last year we did it at the camp one night and I thought that it would be nice to do it in  advance with all my supplies close at hand.
Makes sense. Except I procrastinated. 
I had a zillion things going, deadlines, etc. and I just didn't get on it.

I thought about it. 

And I barely took any pictures when I finally did it.
And when I did, it was dark and I was working on a table outside on the screened porch.
So this is what I've got :)

I made the banner from a remnant of bleached drop cloth.
 It's about two and a half feet wide by 5 or 5 1/2 feet long.
I made two rod pockets - top and bottom 
and straight stitched the sides because drop cloth ravels like crazy.

I outlined a big flower in black and College Girl and I painted it with lots of bright colors.
We used craft paints and Sherwin Williams Color To Go samples.
We used big brushes and blended the colors in big strokes on the banner. 

I slid a slender branch into the two rod pockets.
I tied twine on the top branch to make a hanger and
 the branch in the bottom rod pocket was to give the banner weight 
so it would hang straight after being rolled up in a suitcase and hauled up a mountain!

But the really fun part of this banner 
was the rainbow ribbons I sewed to the bottom 
and forgot to take a picture of!!

This is the only shot I have of the completed banner which we all signed 
and gave to the village on our last day.

We provide the food for a fiesta which is a big deal and a lot of fun. 

Everyone in  the whole village gets to eat a big meal.

We sing our respective national anthems, there are a couple of speeches, games
 and hugging and goodbyes.
It's hard to leave.


  1. The possibilities that have been opened with this idea... THANKS!

    1. Thank you and have fun.... banner making is so fun!!