Monday, April 16, 2012

This One Just Flew the Coop !

I think he looks wise...

...but he has flown the coop. He's been sent off in the mail to someone special :)

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  1. Your stuff is all so darn cute and this is no exception.
    Thanks for visiting and giving me the courage to try and talk my big guy into moving forward with a pink dining room. :D

  2. I am popping over from Made by you Monday at Skip to my Lou. The owl caught my eye. So cute!!! My girls would love this - and I love to paint burlap!

  3. Saw this from Tatertots & Jello link party :) LOVE this - so stinking cute. Awesome job!

  4. I haven't painted on burlap in a while and when I did it took several coats for it to show up....any suggestions to help me out?

  5. I was wondering if you could tell me how you paint on the burlap without having to do multiple coats? When I've done it before it took me so many coats for it to even show up because it just went through the holes and onto the paper behind it.

  6. Hi. Burlap does soak up paint since it is so porous but I use a stiff brush so that I can apply a lot of paint in one coat. I paint on a plastic drop cloth so that the paint sits on it and is absorbed into the burlap and not the canvas drop cloth underneath. I use good quality paint as well - that always helps no matter what you are doing :) Darker, brighter colors usually do fine this way but white usually needs a second coat or at least touch-up. Good luck!!