Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Woodland Fairies...

Looks more like peg doll blanks than woodland fairies, right?? Just wait...

The theme for the Mother -Daughter banquet at church is "Woodland Fairy Garden." Try to get a committee of women to agree on a theme that is appealing to all ages... tough. Luckily that wasn't my job :)  And we are having a ballerina which will be very fun and the little girls  (or anyone, for that matter) can wear tutus and fairy wings. But back to peg dolls... my assignment was centerpieces and, as always, on a budget at church!

So we did a variation of this project and changed the peg dolls from gnomes to woodland fairies. And for fun someone at each table will win the centerpiece at that table and take it home to their porch or garden! I prepped everything and then the committee got together and we did an assembly line to put the little gardens together. It went very quickly.

 I used Liquid Nail to glue the saucer and pot together. This has to be done a couple of days in advance so it will be dry and sturdy when you get ready to put things together.

I spray painted some little birdhouses, now fairy houses, green and spattered them a bit. They came from the dollar store.

Then I gathered up silk flowers, moss rocks, moss, paper grass, little rocks, those glass blob things, butterfly crystals from Michael's, tulle, and leftover clay mushrooms from the gnome project. Our colors for this event are deep purple and fuchsia with all the deep woodland green.  I had odds and ends of most of this stuff and the rest we bought at the dollar store. We plugged in the hot glue guns and put it all together...

... and Ta-da!!  A woodland Fairy Garden centerpiece!
I think they will be very cute on our tables. And, I can cross centerpieces off my "to do" list :)

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