Friday, August 31, 2012

For Cindy!

My friend Cindy, who is awesome and fun, said she didn't have any
 "marcieart" as she calls it - all one word.
She mentioned that the other friend we pal around with had more than one piece of "marcieart", ( there may or may not have been a little pouting involved), so I decided I better get on it. This verse was perfect for her and her workspace at her church. She's a great, great teacher!! So I cranked this out and delivered it yesterday over Starbucks and hours of chatting!!

While running around the house on this gloomy, sunless day ( we are feeling the effects of Hurricane Isaac, weather-wise ) and trying to get a good picture I found out that this looked pretty good on my tangerine door!!

Apparently, I am more "in" to these colors than I realized because it looks good with the colors on my porch cushions - of course, there is every color on this porch.

But I gave it to her anyway!!! So I guess now it's Cindyart !!

This "marcieart" was painted on my favorite Dick Blick canvases ( no kick back from Dick Blick STILL but they are on sale and I'm stocking up so I thought I'd share the link!!!) and the flowers are Mod Podged scrapbook paper. Easy peasy.

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  1. There could have been a tiny pout!! :) I love my marcieart!!