Friday, February 1, 2013

$1.00 Plants,Sneak Peek, IKEA, Junkin' and Other Random Thoughts...

Dear Wal Mart, Do not mark plants or bulbs down to $1.00 and expect me to walk by!!!
Potting these up today. Maybe they will bloom for Valentine's Day!

It's cold today in Atlanta but these are still blooming away!

A little "before" photo of the bathroom that is getting a shot of "welcome to this decade" love. It was not good, let me tell you. It is coming along nicely  (more pics soon) and there's a little sneak peek of something I tried. It's a little swatch of color on the ceiling above the window. It's not the weird black squiggle that is now in all of my iphone pictures since I shattered my screen. Please hurry upgrade day!!
Had to run to IKEA last week. They had lots of lovely, spring-y colors!! Yellow is College Girls fav color. And we will need new bedding when she makes yet another move (out of Chi O House at the end of the Semester) because the next bed will be a different size from this one!! OY.

We like this one best. I love a good ticking stripe in any color.

They had a big fleece throw with a flamingo on it. I resisted but so perfect for my porch!
Uh Oh! Biscuit is recuperating and not happy about the "cone" he has to wear. I'm not happy the "cone" cost $40.00 :)

Saw this quote in a shop in Buckhead. I'd like to do something with that quote...

... and look at all the goodies in this place!!

This is one of my favorite places to browse - you never know what will turn up. I would like to go to the one Meg goes to on Craft Weekend but, Toto, it's in Kansas!!! However, it's on my to do list if I ever make it to Kansas!!

Check out all that chippy goodness!!

And I have a bad case of wanting this wicker table. The condition is amazing!!

They have amazing doors...

And a section where old lamps go to wait for someone to rescue them. That lime green one has possibilities. The shape looks like something that's at Jonathan Adler right now!

And it has rained non-stop but that did not keep the delivery guy ( I will not name the carrier out of kindness, but seriously?) from leaving it on my front porch in this condition. Nice. But everything inside was OK and the sun will come out tomorrow!
 Happy Friday !

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