Saturday, February 2, 2013

Waiting For Paint To Dry...

I started at the top... I decided to paint the ceiling a very, very soft turquoise blue. Just for kicks. We love our blue porch ceiling and I'm so ready for Spring and blue skies that I was willing to see how it looked. It is so soft - you can barely tell in this photo that it is even blue. I saw a HD Thoreau quote the other day,
"One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” 
 I think that is what I'm trying to do!

You can see the old dingy buttercream wall color. I didn't do a bunch of before shots because this is a nice, rated G blog and the before was scary, like slasher movie scary. A little glimpse is bad enough. The hula girl meets window treatment is outta here, too. I'm telling you this was a much needed update. As much as I've gone on about this bathroom redo you would think it was a high budget overhaul in a million dollar mansion but, no, it is a no budget redo. It was just so needed that I have become a little obsessed with it. I am painting and purging and scrubbing like crazy.

How do you feel about the bare bulb? Maybe taking that clean, spare look too far? I'm going for a very clean, spa-ish look with a little beachy vibe. Like a nice spa in the Turks and Caicos or somewhere fabulous like that. I am inspired by all the great decorating blogs from down under. And it's nice because Australia has Summer while we have Winter so I can read Summer entries in January. Disclaimer, though: This is not a decorating blog for a couple of reasons... I am not a decorator, I do not have a decorator's budget , and I can't get my pictures to look like they should.
But this is what I'm painting so this is what I have to show :)

Many coats of white paint later. And the caulk??? Oh my gosh! I have filled like crazy. When you have white on white on white you can see every little crack that didn't get caulked before!

Adding to the skill set - patching the ceiling when drill goes crazy backing screws out of old window valances. It happens. Touch up on tomorrow's to do list.

This poor plant. I had to bring him in off the porch when we left town for Thanksgiving. He has to hang out inside for a little longer and I have shuffled him all over this room while painting. There just isn't anywhere else for him to reside. There's a frond in almost every picture I've taken of this bathroom redo. 
I have black and white tile floors in this bathroom. I love black and white tiles like these. I have loved them forever. I have pictures I took in France when I was in high school of black and white tile floors. They are elegant and beautiful and classy for about 15 seconds after they are scrubbed - on hands and knees. Otherwise a bit of a maintenance pain.
I would choose them again in a heart beat. If I win the lottery. If I have a maid.

A little spot that is starting to come together. The fabulous mirror leaning on the counter is an amazing coral color called Rejuvenate by Sherwin Williams. I had the paint left from College Girl's last room decorating project. This is a zero budget re do as I mentionned before, not the real deal gut it and reno like on a fav blog, My Old Country House. I've done those old house re do projects and they are serious!
Anyway, I'm using what I have and "shopping" the house for this little update. My husband brought home the little cabinet years ago and stuck it on the wall by his sink because that's where he wanted it  and there you have it. I gave it a little update with fresh paint and a couple of cute turquoise knobs from IKEA.

And this dresser fits perfectly in the alcove between the tub and the corner of the wall. She was left in a rental property ( the stuff that gets left behind ?!?) and my husband hauled it home. We could have looked for years for something to go in that space and never found a better fit. Nice and sturdy just needs freshening up.

So here she is primed and getting a coat of "Rejuvenate". I was thinking of doing the drawers in ombre but I just don't know. They look awesome on Pinterest but I'll have to see. I bought the other colors in sample size from Sherwin Willims. On sale for about $5.00. Cannot beat that.
(BTW, the lovely coral color, Rejuvenate, that I am using really isn't the traffic safety orange that it appears here.)
The vanity cabinets are getting a coat of soft gray, SW Network Gray, to tie in with the Master Bedroom and to change it up from the white cabinets we have had forever. It's hard to tell much in this picture.  The screws on the cabinet doors still need a touch up and I changed out the white porcelain knobs for these clear lucite knobs from IKEA. They are clean and crisp and fit the budget. Hardware is outrageous but these are $1.99 for 6 - yep! -crazy how IKEA does that. I used the turquoise version on the medecine cabinet above and green ones on a little dresser in a guest bedroom. It had been knobless for a long time because who wants to pay a fortune for knobs that get seen once or twice a year!
Other than the SW paint samples that's been the big purchase so far!

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  1. I think there is much more decorator in you than you think sweet friend. The ceiling is so cool. Can't wait to see the finished product. :D Thanks for sharing. I will be sharing your paint sticks concept this next week on Motivated Monday. Thanks for sharing.