Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Forgot all About...

... these pictures on my phone.
These go waaaaay back. I donated a "Ladies Art Night Out" at the Silent Auction at church last Spring. We finally got a date to mesh with everyone's crazy schedules and had a fun night last October. The winner set up tables in her kitchen/dining room and we got busy crafting, eating and laughing. It was a ton of fun.


We had mothers and daughters (College Girl was in town and came along), someone dealing with a serious health issue and a variety of other things going on in people's lives, and while the projects turned out great, the whole night ended up being therapeutic :)
We laughed so much. All night long!

 These are a few shots of a Make and Take Workshop I did for a back-to-school teacher's training  waaaay back in August that ended up more like a teacher's retreat.  The school director wanted the staff to be motivated and inspired at the day long workshop so I created  centers to go with the themes/units and books I was teaching on.
 Teachers have different learning styles too!

There were about 100 teachers in the workshop and we had a blast. If you do it you will remember it - my mantra, anyway. So we made "stuff "with all kinds of "stuff." and talked about teaching creatively with unexpected supplies and activities. Trying to get out of any teaching "ruts" we  sometimes have.
We went crazy with every day and free items and created support materials for a great year in the classroom. We were gluing, and laughing and taking pictures and they had Chic-Fil-A tea for me :)  They remembered from my last workshop, so it was a good day for all!

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